Payroll Management services

   Payroll outsourcing services or employee outsourcing service cover the following areas:

  • Contract Staff Outsourcing Service and Contract Staffing Management
  • HR Payroll Outsourcing and HR Outsourcing including maintaining payroll file for direct employee / outsourced contract staff
  • Ensure all outsourced contract staff managed complies with Singapore Employment Laws and Regulations
  • Arrange salary processing and disbursement to employees via bank giro transfer
  • Apply, submit and process the application for appropriate government training grants available for your employees

The most common types of staff being outsourced by companies are those that are non-critical in nature or ancillary staff such as IT contract staff, administrative temporary staff, short term professional staff on projects etc. Some companies also do so due to corporate management issues relating to the number of permanent head count which they can hire directly on their payroll.