Human Resources Management System - HRMS - LenvoHRM

LenvoHRM is a web based application that excels at calculating salaries to cover attendance operations. The system includes a full payroll module integrated with advanced attendance module. The software connects and controls attendance devices within the company and branches.

1. System Setup: The system Setup offers the user high level of flexibility. The user will set different parameters to match both company policies and different work laws within the operating country of the system.
  •  Main settings such as operating country of the system, month's count of days for calculations, dates (Gregorian and Hijri) , export and import data and backups
  • Setting Human resources related parameters such as allowances, deductions and vacation types.
  • Setting social security and tax parameters, this changes depending on the country, e.g in Saudi Arabia there is no tax, therefore this feature will be hidden when selecting Saudi Arabia
  • Other settings such as defining banks and their branches, countries, cities, users and permission for group's management
  • Defining holidays and national days, and reflecting them on attendance schedules
2. Employees Information: The system archives employees' organizational information with the ability to track and trace the development of the employee in all areas covering promotions, salary increases and achievements.
  • Entering Employee's main information such as employee name, date of birth, nationality, email, address and other personal information.
  • Entering different managerial information such as department or job title (employee's post).
  • Defining working schedules and changing in schedules according to requirements (such as special day attendance / Ramadan).
  • Employee financial information and contract's details covering basic salary, social security salary and tax details.
3. Vacations and Leaves: The system handles all types of vacations and leaves, and comes with default settings according to the country's law. However, the user can define other types of vacations or leaves, and the system will automatically calculate vacation balances and balance expiry dates.
  • Defining different types of vacations such as annual vacations, sick leaves and other types of vacations.
  • Entering the vacations and leaves for employees, while reflecting the vacation on the  balance and/or on the salary calculation depending on preset roles.
  • Reflects vacations and leaves on the expected attendance and employees working schedules.
  • Displays vacations' entries, reports and balancing history.
  • Calculates vacation's financial equivalent in case of paying the remaining balance to the employee.
4. Allowances And Deductions: the system allows the user to add different types of allowances and deductions, e.g. Allowances that are repetitive over a number of months, percentage or amount from the salary. All these allowances and deductions are included in the calculations and reflect on the official and governmental forms and reports accordingly.
5. Overtime: The overtime is calculated automatically by comparing the expected working schedule along with the actual attendance transactions
  • Defines different overtime types and their relevant rate of hours.
  • Calculates overtime after a certain amount of minutes and in compliance with company policies and work laws.
  • Offers late time compensation with overtime over the working day.
  • Ability to transfer the overtime to vacation balance instead of paid amounts.
  • Advanced reports for overtime (before and after calculating salaries).
6. Attendance Module: The system is equipped with an advanced attendance management module that calculates both overtime and late time for employees based on attendance transactions fetched from attendance devices.
  • Connecting directly to attendance devices and getting attendance logs for employees.
  • Transferring and synchronizing employees on attendance devices automatically including fingerprints.
  • Matching employee's actual attendance with expected working schedules while taking into consideration vacations, leaves and holidays.
  • Generating different reports while reflecting overtime and late time on salaries.
  • Defining unlimited attendance roles and assigning employees to them in the form of groups.
7. Calculating salaries and generating related reports The system offers a flexible way to calculate salaries for one or more employees, or by departments, and generates salary slips and salary statements. Moreover, it generates Social Security, income tax and annual reports and forms monthly.
  • Calculates salaries for employees by departments, sections or divisions.
  • Generates salary slips, and salary statements grouped by departments.
  • Generates Social Security forms and reports based on the country,e.g. In Jordan Social Security Insurance reports including new recruits and resignation forms to be listed in the social security are automatically generated.
  • Financial reports are available for management to monitor human resources costs and over all expenditure.
8. Training and development Module Create annual and on boarding training and development plans. match your plan to the organizational strategies. evaluate the results of implementing such plans.
  • define the main objectives of the training plan.
  • define targeted competencies and skills
  • allow departments' leads and managers to participate in defining these competencies and skills.
  • allow employees to suggest required development
  • evaluate outcomes of a training plan
  • reflect different procedures to payroll and attendance related to training plan such as per diems, training course leaves
9. Recruiting and selection module The recruiting module is offered as a free service through our recruiting website the website handles all details related to the recruiting process since it requires high level of online accessibility. the module offers added value services which may be acquired from using it. for more details visit the website is naitivly integrated with LenvoHRM
10. Performance Appraisals The module offers high level of flexibility in evaluating the employees within the organization. Appraisals may be performed on different competencies and skills. the module works in align with the LenvoHRE self service pages. such integration offers high level of flexibility in defining workflows of the evaluations.

Employees’ Self Service Pages

A web based application that allow employees to access their profile and display related information. The employee can view his/her administrative and financial data. Moreover, the system allows employees to place different requests such as Vacation / Leave requests. These requests will go through a sequence of online approvals based on the organizational structure. The application saves a lot of time related to managing different requests and inquiries. The employee will have instant access to different information related to him/her. The application will speed up the process of approving different requests and inquires. The employee will access the following:
  • Announcements by the HR department
  • Personal and administrative information such as full name in Arabic and English, marital status, department, job title … etc.
  • Vacations / Leaves balances. The system will show the current balance of each vacation / leave.
  • Approved Vacations / Leaves including the vacations that were entered by the HR department.
  • Attendance information including working schedules (expected attendance) over duration, actual punches (attendance transactions), and attendance summary report showing late time and overtime.
  • Financial Information. The user may display salary slip for a certain month showing all financial transaction, display different procedures.
  • Place requests
    • Vacation & Leave Request
    • Overtime Approval
    • Attendance Amendment request
    • Financial Procedure requests such as advanced salary request